Special Song List

* Alcohol
* A little bit off the top
* A Virus
* At least knobby job
* Barroom buddies
* Beer's much better than a woman
*Bored Tubby Mild
* Crowbar Charley
* Dig me up
* Do virgins taste better
* Do you * on first dates
* Drunken Sailor
* Huge fake breasts
* Hung from the ceiling
* I am woman and I sit down to pee
* I'll never smoke weed w/ Willie again
* I'm from NJ
* I'm your mailman
* Itchy twitchy spot
* Jurassic Park
* King Tut
* Let's talk dirty in Hawaiian
*Love Client # 9
* Marijuanaville
* Never wear panties to a party
* On a broad again
* Pains in low places
* Police stop my car
* Save the beer
* Save your lace pants
* Shag his wife
* She never hugged a parakeet but she kissed a cockatoo
* Show them to me
* Straight guys in the keys
* Tequila makes her clothes fall off
* That b*tch
* Trashy women
* Wasn't that a party
* Were you born an a**hole
* Where's she gonna hide when I get home
* Who put the d*ck on the snowman
* Why don't we get drunk & screw
* You are the wind beneath my sheets
*You ain't much fun since I quit drinkin'
* You don't smell like flowers
* You never even call me by my name
* You were almost twice my size
* You're still under him
Kip and
Mr. Microphone
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