* Biography *

Years ago (tooo many...) My first hit, 'O my Papa' was a
neighborhood sensation. Pop taught me to sing 'My
Wild Irish Rose, she ought to blow her nose' and a
niche was created - Click on "Music" to see Song List.

When I found out I couldn't sound like Roy Orbison, I
took a shot at sounding like John & Mick. Lots of
bands and mates followed, many I still get to play with
every blue moon or so.

With the band era slipping away, I started playing w/
myself (don't say it) in the late 70's, and always
brought an extra microphone along, in case some ol'
mate would show up. That led to many impromptus,
and new mateys as time passed.

This century it was time to bring karaoke on board, so
now I'm strummin' & hummin' one tune, then singing
along w/ some recording the next. I'm diggin' the
flexibility, and more guest artistes all the time - some
doing songs I've never heard!

Well, as Snoopy said "To dance is to live."  I'd have to
say, "To sing is to live." I guess all I ever wanted was
to laugh and sing. I'm doing it...


* Paladins                                                                              
* Euphorian State                                                                 
* Wanderers                                                                          
* Roughhouse Dirt                                                               
* Moment's Notice                                                                
* Booze Brothers                                                                 
* Good ol' Boys                                                                     
* Happy Wanderers                                                              
* Kabbage Heads                                                                 

At one time in the 80's, I was in no particular band, but
if I got a gig, I'd call a few friends and make a band.
One time I'd be the leader, next time someone else
would be. Upon arriving at one of those jobs, Vinnie,
that day's drummer, said, "Kip, who are we today?"
Still trying to figure that out...
Kip and
Mr. Microphone