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Entries run from April 2008, to March 2012

Name Date :   Maryann 3/20/12
email - optional :   allymcfan@aol.com
Comment :   Kip, I cannot begin to tell you what it means to me to have you in my life. Wherever
you go music and fun fill the air. I am grateful to have known you for the past 10 years and to
have been a part of the fun, laughter and friendship that you have shared

Name Date :   Linda 12/7/11
email - optional :   dibernard@cox.net
Comment :   Kipp, your a beautiful person with a great following of people who love you. Never
change. Keep the music in your heart forever and never stop sharing it with the rest of us.

Name Date :   Kip 4.16.11
email - optional :   kipurr@yahoo.com
Comment :   Hey Burl, When you gonna answer my email, or do I have to Corn-role Huey!!

Name Date :   BURL 4.9.11
email - optional :   carbonbone2@yahoo.com
Comment :   Hey Kip, you forget your old lodge brother BURL? YOURS TRULY, MILTON IVES

Name Date :   Kipurr 3.10.11
email - optional :   kipurr@yahoo.com
Comment :   Very Funny Scotso. I see youre on a Healthy Diet!!

Name Date :   Scotso 3.9.11
email - optional :   friendlytm@hotmail.com
Comment :   Regarding photos and dates... I actually prefer mine with raisins and/or
strawberries. Ba DUM bum! Regarding photos with dates.... Send em stag. They seem to draw
crowds without dates! Ba Da BUM!

Name Date :   The Gorilla Girl
email - optional :    
Comment :   you need a page on your website where we can post (old) pictures.

Name Date :   john repsher 10/8/10
email - optional :   skippie@dishmail.net
Comment :   this is great

Name Date :   Ray
email - optional :   ray555@comcast.net
Comment :   Nice talking with ya. Fair Winds and Following Seas. Always..

Name Date :   Nikki 19/8/10
email - optional :   nikkibeard336@hotmail.com
Comment :   Hi, looks like you have a great time over there! Say Hi to Tony for me x

Name Date :   Kip 7/6/2010
email - optional :   m_microphone@yahoo.com
Comment :   James, Even I forget sometimes...

Name Date :   J2X 6/15/10
email - optional :   loveme2x@verizon.net
Comment :   How come no one uses the guest book any more?

Name Date :   Kip 1.16.10
email - optional :   m_microphone@yahoo.com
Comment :   Thank You my friends for everything - The Well Wishes, Happy New Year, and the
Carry On. Thanks

Name Date :   Lenny O 1/14/2010
email - optional :   hlosr1@msn.com
Comment :   Thank you for another great year of music and fun together. Looking forward to
doing it all over again. Lenny

Name Date :   J2X 12/30/09
email - optional :   loveme2x@verizon.net
Comment :   Kip, Have a happy new year! I hope its a happy and healthy one for all of us. J2X

Name Date :   Tuck,Nov.24,2009
email - optional :    
Comment :   What a crappy ending to the Cleveland game, I was actually rooting for them

Name Date :   Daddsy Bell 11/11/09
email - optional :   dbstudio@ptd.net
Comment :   yes, Chief, we should thank a veteran today. Its great of you to honor them on your
web site today! May God Bless all our US veterans!

Name Date :   Tuck 8.18.09
email - optional :    
Comment :   (GO STEELERS) Ed. Note - Management is not responsible for content.

Name Date :   Marianne 7/29/09
email - optional :   flame532001@yahoo.com
Comment :   Hey there! Les and I are sooooo happy to hear the good news that you are well and
back to work!!! We missed you. Very glad you are healed - We felt very badly when Mario had
told us and wished you a speedy recovery. We look forward to seeing you on Aug 5t

Name Date :   J2X 7/22/09
email - optional :   loveme2x@verizon.net
Comment :   Glad to see a target date up on the site! Hope you are doing better. TTYL. Yeah,

Name Date :   Linda 6-16-09
email - optional :   lady05hawks@aol.com
Comment :   Kip - Hope you feel better soon!!! Linda & Bill

Name Date :   K-Dogg
email - optional :   kdogg61@embarqmail.com
Comment :   Dear Kip, Hope you feel better real soon. Love,Karen

Name Date :   J2X 6/11/09
email - optional :   loveme2x@verizon.net
Comment :   Kipster, Hope you are feeling better soon. Who loves ya, beby. J2X

Name Date :   5.19.09 Flower of Memorial Day & where?
email - optional :   m_microphone@yahoo.com
Comment :   GK - Red Poppies Flanders Fields...Bob C - the poppy...Ed G - Poppys of Flanders
field...R Sven - Flanders field, silly...Tom Higgins-POPPIES-Mello Lands, NJ...

Name Date :   Favorite Player not on your Fav team 5.12.09
email - optional :   kipurr@yahoo.com
Comment :   J2X - Nolan Ryan (Von Ryans Express) and Willie Mays (The Say Hey Kid)...
NitDawg - Vada Pinson REDs mostly 1960s, centerfield... Jayne - Cal Ripken...Danny - Ty
Cobb...The Jester - Ted The Kid Williams...Mr Mic - Pete Rose (Charlie Hustle)...

Name Date :   April 28, 2009
email - optional :   tuckhiggins@yahoo.com
Comment :   I think the yankees need to spend more money!!! Man, they are playing bad. See ya
in July

Name Date :   Pete R. 4/22
email - optional :   stlhdtrt@yahoo.com
Comment :   Hey Kip, you e-mail address doesnt work...what gives?

Name Date :   George Malanga 4/02/09
email - optional :   geolang@optonline.net
Comment :   Glad Ive got your address now. Hope to see you and your wonderful bride on
Sunday at Pavincis at 4:00 PM. George

Name Date :   bo n helen 1/13/09
email - optional :   bonhelen@optonline.net
Comment :   we always have fun when youre at pavincis. thanks for the great photos

Name Date :   Annette 1/7/09
email - optional :   nettebkest@aol.com
Comment :   Where will you be this month? I cant find your schedule on your site. Thanks

Name Date :   Tuck Higgins,10/20/08
email - optional :    
Comment :   Go Rays, who loves ya!!!

Name Date :   J2X
email - optional :   loveme2x@verizon.net
Comment :   Kip, Great time at Pavincis last night (8/13/08). Just like old times, with some of the
old crowd! The pictures are great, too. Very revealing, for sure. Yeah, baby. J2X

Name Date :   Tuck Higgins/8/5/08
email - optional :   tuckhiggins@yahoo.com
Comment :   Kippuuuurrrr, it was great seeing you when I was up from FLA!!! Your still having
fun, & that is wonderfull! Its that time of the year, get your pigskins out,& may the best team
win!!!(Steelers) of course, Keep on singing, Tom Higgins

Name Date :   Kip 7/28/08
email - optional :   kipurr@yahoo.com
Comment :   Jessica, Thanks for the nice note. I tried your email but it didnt work. Hope to see
you soon.

Name Date :   jessica 7/27/08
email - optional :   budweiser72optonline.net
Comment :   whats up kip this is jessica from castaways. I LOVE your page!!! cant wait to see ya

Name Date :   Fred Perrotti 07-23-08
email - optional :   fredmperrotti@optonline.net
Comment :   Hey Kip, You have no excuse to come out and see our band play- Jersey Gypsy-
Playing 8-23 in Hopatcong at the civic center for the Anderson fund raiser.

Name Date :   Denise Hansen 7/01/08
email - optional :    
Comment :    

Name Date :   Jimmy 2X 06/25/08
email - optional :   loveme2x@verizon.net
Comment :   Kipper, Im diggin the pictures, alot. Some are worthy of being on a post card, and
others in a magazine. Thanks for all your hard work on the website. J2X Loves ya, beby.

Name Date :   Tom Higgins,6/17/08
email - optional :   tuckhiggins@yahoo.com
Comment :   Boston & Basketball(Oh Yea)Who loves ya baby

Name Date :   Laura D June 12th
email - optional :    
Comment :   Hey Kip.. Ill Never be YOUR Beast of Burden... Who Loves YA?

Name Date :   Mikie D. 06/06/2008
email - optional :   mdamelio606@optonline.net
Comment :   Yeh Baby ! You Ready ? Hey Kip - One more song, come on, its early yet ! Take
Care, Little Gus\Butch\Mikie D.

Name Date :   Denise Hansen / 05/11/08
email - optional :   dhansen63@hotmail.com
Comment :    

Name Date :   Uncle Lenny 4-29-08
email - optional :   HLOSR@WEBTV.NET
Comment :   Kipurr, dont stop the music. For everything there is a song. Who luvs ya Baby?

Name Date :   Jerry Maselli 4-27-08
email - optional :   geraldmaselli@yahoo.com
Comment :   Hi Kip put me on your list see you soon.

Name Date :   Florence 4/27
email - optional :   ffp41@msn.com
Comment :   Great website. Where is Pavincis?

Name Date :   Eddie Gamble 4-27-08
email - optional :   eddierukiddin@aol.com
Comment :   Ive seen you sing and play when you used to sit in with The Big Edsel Band, and
when we did that gig out at Allentown Airport, and the impromptu jams after Toms Halloween
parties, but that was years ago. I guess since you once came to see me play at The T

Name Date :   Maryann 4-25-08
email - optional :   allymcfan@aol.com
Comment :   You are a blast! I always enjoy it when you entertain. Youre the best!

Name Date :   Tom Higgins 4-25-08
email - optional :   tuckhiggins@yahoo.com
Comment :   Who loves ya Baby, go Steelers

Name Date :   J2X 4-25-08
email - optional :   loveme2x@verizon.net
Comment :   The WNDC (Wednesday Night Drinkin Club) loves you, too, baby.

Name Date :   Diane Theresa Mayfield Pierson 4-23-08
email - optional :    
Comment :   May every visitor to your new guestbook have only sweet things to say. Id like to
start by saying I love you more each day. Hugs & Kisses, Annie

I just recently discovered that the 'Guest Book' has a limit.  Thank you Fran,
the sister of Stump & the Rave, who happen to be old Band-Mates in
RougHouse.  So, I will delete all comments in the guest book, and place them
here, in order to open it up again.  The chronology of the page reads from
bottom to top.